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Welcome in our The Gallery - shop representing works of the modern artists from Russia.

Our virtual gallery is in Samara (city on the river Volga in Russia), but it does not mean, that in it the Samara artists will be exposed only. The main criteria of a choice of the artists are those lustrous talents and high professionalism. The works of the Russian artists always were allocated with high spiritual health. In our gallery the works executed with the large skill and having doubtless art value are submitted only.

Last years have appeared most difficult for the artists of Russia. The state completely has refused financial support of fine art, which has finished up to a beggarly condition museums and picture galleries, creative organizations and unions. The basic part of the population of Russia, receiving the insignificant salary, can not get works of art.

We count, that the talented artists should not spend valuable time for searches of the buyers, and various bureaucratic procedures, and quietly to be engaged in the basic business - creativity. Our task to help them to realize the products that they were not overcome with cares, on what by him tomorrow to buy meal, canvas and paints.

Now, for to survive, Russian artists are compelled to give back the works for trifling sum. But so will be not always. Per the twentieth years of the last century in Russia of the works of art too were given back for pittance. And, how many they cost now? Recently "Black square" of Kazimir Malevich was sold for one million dollars, and it besides, that are some author's copies!

Remember, the amateurs of art, that, decorating your offices and habitation by works of the modern Russian artists, you make an excellent investment of money, which in the future can bring to you the quite good income, and the beauty descending from canvases in your houses, will help you to receive a charge of vivacity in the morning and to remove a pressure in the evening. Constantly contacting with perfect masterpieces, you will find surprising sincere comfort.

We shall be grateful to you if you will leave the impressions and comments about our gallery in the book for the visitors. If you would like a response to your question, please be sure to provide your email address.
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Brief history of the gallery

[ 06.08.02 ]  The gallery has to come into the world! The site is devoted to one artist Andrew Berezin.
[ 08.08.02 ]  In the guest book was unexpectedly arose the spontaneous discussion: "How many a picture should cost?". Do not miss!
[ 23.09.02 ]  In gallery the works of the talented artist Vladimir Dolgov - "The Russian Van Gogh" from Saint-Petersburg are exposed.
[ 05.10.02 ]  In gallery the vivid pictures of artists Sergey Kisel and Alexandr Chetaev from Samara are exposed.
[ 14.10.02 ]  In gallery the works Viktor Novokreschenov, talented artist from Samara are added.
[ 09.11.02 ]  In gallery the interesting works of artist Vladimir Kojanov from Samara are exposed.

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