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Andrew Berezin. Summary.

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The artist say about himself (from interview)

My reality is a reality of art, in which is the most important the life of work of art filled spiritualty of its creator.

The world, in which I really live, probably, is deceptive, is illusive, but in it all is subordinated to a maximum spiritual task - creativity.

It seems, that the future behind symbolism, as only through this language of art, is possible display of the internal world of the man living in second millennium.

I am fatalist. There is some predestination, therefore at my many works there is an image of a chess board, on which we stir by the way, fixed us.

One of features of my style - asymmetric property. All alive - is asymmetric. And it so is wonderful. It enables to make a composition free. Though many of the artist's spoke to me that so to write it is impossible. For example, "Melody", where the hands act for limits of a canvas...

I always limiting precisely try to formulate the names of works. Not "The Saint Sebastian", and "The Saint Sebastian's miracle". And the miracle consists that he sacrifice a stomach own for his belief.

In art I like all displays of Russian despair, as just it characterizes what speak all time about: Russian mentality. But the despair is not when on itself tear a hair, and despair as an image of life, as norm.

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Models and their portraits

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