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Rules of the purchasing and ordering of works in the gallery.

  • In a case if the work is sell, near to it there is a reference «Purchase/Order».
  • At purchase it is required to specify the name and code of work. The code of work is specified in the first line of the description. For example "ABP01".
  • The work can be reserved for settlement of conditions of sale for the period of one month.
  • If the reference «Purchase/Order» is absent, it means, that the work be reserved or, for any reasons, temporarily is not sold.
  • The price for work in US dollars including all taxes, is specified near to its description. The price includes only cost of work without delivery, legal, customs registration and insurance.
  • The prices for pictures can vary, if the additional conditions, for example purchase of several pictures at once will appear.
  • If you do not accept the price or you want to find out additional conditions, contact to administration of Gallery.
  • Cost of works at manufacturing is to order established at negotiation. The works are to order carried out only on conditions of a complete or partial advance payment.
  • The administration of Gallery at your request can undertake delivery necessary legal registration and insurance for an additional payment.

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