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Viktor Novokreschenov. Biography.

Портрет художника
Viktor Novokreschenov was born in 1950 in Samara. In 1980 year has ended the Kharkov Art - industrial Academy on a speciality monumental-decorative art.

Art critics carry his creativity to the followers expressionism, such as Kandinsky, Malevich and others. Sometimes him even name "Samara Shagal", though it is not pleasant to the artist. He - Viktor Novokreschenov from Samara and all. Such others are not present more.

Development of the artist.


1986 - 2002 year. Regular participation in regional exhibitions of Russia.
1992 - 1994 year. Salzburg (Austria). Two exhibitions.
1999 year. Exhibition " 100 years of the Samara painting ". The works of Novokreschenov are recognized by best in century of the Samara painting.

The works are in private collections and galleries of Russia, Europe, America.
Портрет художника

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