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Sergey Kisel. Biography.

Портрет художника
Sergey Kisel was born in Samara in 1952. Hi has ended medical institute. Professionally of beginnings to be engaged in painting with 1985. The style of this master is referred to by art critics as an expressionism. Here that the artist tells about the creative process:
"Main in a picture I consider a game of colour spots. You see in Russian word the PAINTING means - "vivid colours writing". Never I conceive a composition of a picture beforehand. Before work I choose those colours on a palette, which well I feel and then, gradually, I "drive in" a composition, and figuration (people, subjects, images) is unknown whence arise in an operating time".

Development of the artist.


1991 - 92 year. Moscow (Russia). Central artists house, gallery "Sov Art".
1992 - 94 year. Essen (West Germany). Three exhibitions.
1995 year. Stuttgart (Germany)
1999 year. Laureate from the best picture of the year. Competition "Golden palette-98", nominal "Experiment in painting".
2001 year. USA. Exhibition in the gallery Susan Read.

The works are in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, Holland, Italy, Israel.
Портрет художника

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