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Vladimir Kojanov. Biography.

Портрет художника
    Vladimir Kojanov was born in 1967. In professional painting is engaged since 1990.


"Alternatura" (Samara, 1995 year)
"A Rose of the world" (Samara, 1996 year)
"Chambers of arts on Volga" (Tolyatti, 2000 year)
"Samara still life" (2001 year)
"Other generation - persons" (Samara, 2002 year)

Since 2001 the member Russia "Union of the artists". His works are in private collections of Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, picture gallery of Neftegorsk.

Genres, in which hi works: still life, portrait, landscape. Style - from classics up to avant guarde.

The creativity Vladimir Kojanov is possible to define as eternal search itself, creative opportunities, way of perfection and skill.
"Main is a movement, aspiration to develop," - the artist speaks. Last products Vladimir Kojanov is a work with abstraction.

Inspiring motives for creativity the artist searches inside itself, in the moods, feelings, emotions. Traditional for still life of the image - flowers, utensils, fruit, home utensils - in works Vladimir Kojanov finds certain spirituality, ability to feel, to experience. They test same emotions and mood, as author certain minutes.

The world of lifeless things on cloths of the artist is not simple come alive - all subjects on a plan of the author are allocated with philosophical sense. For example, the theme of vessels is rather symbolical. You see the man can be compared to a vessel, in which his think, feeling, mood are kept. In the certain vital situations he should use contents of a vessel - hiding place of soul, making thus those or other actions and acts. And if all stock him has run low, there comes a sincere devastation.

The colour in pictures Vladimir Kojanov not simply adjusts the spectator on the certain perception, it also contains author's symbolics. Light-blue is air, mark Libra, under which was born artist, yellow - sun, the light, heat, life source, red - fire, movement. The sensation of a rhythm, movement is created by the artist by means of the special reception of the image - abrupt colour dotted line.
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