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Vladimir Dolgov. Biography.

    Vladimir Dolgov was born an atmosphere of Aries, in 1953, 100 years after the birth of Van Gogh.These two conditions are determining in life of the painter. The fire of Aries and phantom of Van Gogh ignite palette of "The Russian Van Gogh" at the end XX centuries.
1971 - 1979 years

    Vladimir graduated from Petersburg Architectural College and the Art faculty of Pedagogical University in Saint-Petersburg. He was a participant of underground exhibitions. He taught painting in art colleges and schools of Saint-Petersburg.
1979 - 2001 years

    Vladimir is becoming well known. Five museums of the former USSR have bought his pictures. More 170 of his pictures have been purchase by the inhabitants of the USA, Canada and Germany.
    Since 1973 till 2000, Vladimir Dolgov painted about 6000 pictures.
    The newspaper "The Petrovsky courier" wrote about the painter:
The style of this master is referred to by art critics as an intellectual expression. Vladimir is a true Russian painter. He opens the mysterious world, which named УRussian soulФ. The words Van Gogh are close to him: "We, artists of a modern society are only broken vessels".

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